A Journey through Aesthetic Realms
an award-winning series that presents entertainment programs with lively performances from around the world. This long-running television program had been regularly broadcast in the United States to 90 million viewers.
Date aired: 2 Jan 2012
Unique Views: 78,078
Date aired: 1 Jan 2012
Unique Views: 78,232
Date aired: 27 Dec 2011
Unique Views: 76,388
Date aired: 18 Dec 2011
Unique Views: 60,581
Date aired: 12 Dec 2011
Unique Views: 58,914
Date aired: 6 Dec 2011
Unique Views: 56,778
Date aired: 22 Nov 2011
Unique Views: 56,910
Date aired: 14 Nov 2011
Unique Views: 59,289
Date aired: 13 Nov 2011
Unique Views: 65,079
Date aired: 1 Nov 2011
Unique Views: 58,570
Date aired: 31 Oct 2011
Unique Views: 58,540
Date aired: 30 Oct 2011
Unique Views: 72,864
Date aired: 25 Oct 2011
Unique Views: 64,168
Date aired: 23 Oct 2011
Unique Views: 65,497
Date aired: 18 Oct 2011
Unique Views: 81,133

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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms
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